Commissions & Premieres

Commissions & Premieres

Anthony K. Brandt

America (2007)*
The Replacement (2007)*

Giovanni Paolo Colonna

Psalmi ad Vesperas (1694, Modern day premiere 2011)

Thomas Conroy

This is Why I Sing (2006)*

Dominick DiOrio

A dome of many-coloured glass… (2010)*

J. Todd Frazier

Amen (1999)

Jocelyn Hagen

Soft Blink of Amber Light (2014)*

Michael Horvit

A Child’s Journey (1998)

Angel Lam

Merry Go Round (1998)*

Christopher Theofanidis

Messages to Myself (2008)*

David Ashley White

The Blue Estuaries (1998)*

*Denotes a Houston Chamber Choir commissioned work