ChoralNotes, November 2018

In this issue…

  • Thank you for coming out to Miller Outdoor Theatre on October 27!

  • Coming up this Sunday: The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore featuring the artists of METdance!

  • Listen to all the latest news in an exclusive interview with Managing Director Mariam Khalili on Entercom Houston with Erin Austin

  • Last chance to get a Four Pack Subscription!

  • EXCITING NEWS! Christmas CD to be released in early December!

  • Meet Houston Chamber Choir Bass Randy Murrow

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Meet the Singers: Randy Murrow

Randy Murrow is one of our wonderful singers in the bass section. Manager of Operations Grace Roman got to know him a little better this week! Read below for the full interview.

Grace Roman: Hi Randy! Can you tell us how long you have been a member of the Houston Chamber Choir and how to found out about this ensemble?

Randy Murrow: I heard about the Houston Chamber Choir before I moved here from Oklahoma for graduate school at the University of Houston in 2002, but I wasn’t sure at first that I could manage the time. I finally auditioned for Bob, joined the choir in the middle of the 2003-2004 season, and sang until the end of 2007, when I moved overseas. This is my second season back after rejoining the group last fall! Happy to be back and thrilled to rejoin a thriving ensemble!

GR: Of course, being a part of this amazing choir is not the only thing you do! Where else do you work?

RM: I am Associate Director of Music & Fine Arts at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, where I direct the St. Cecilia Women’s Choir and administer the Bridges Academy of Fine Arts, Tapestry Players, and Rotunda Art Gallery.

GR: Sounds like your world is filled with music! What kind of music do you listen to when you have free time? Any favorite playlists for road trips?

RM: I mostly listen to podcasts in my free time; I subscribe to more podcasts than I have time to listen! When I just want music, it’s often Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine, k.d. lang, Aimee Mann, or Radiohead, depending on my task or mood. My playlists tend to be more eclectic.

GR: You're an important member of our bass section, who sing the lowest notes in the choir! What is your favorite part about being a bass in the Chamber Choir?

RM: If I come down with a chest cold, it improves my lower range! Kidding aside, singing bass appeals to my nerdy, music-theory-loving side — we are often (but not always) the root of any given chord. And the other sections rely on us for tuning, so that responsibility helps keep me true and on task.

GR: We've already had two stunning concerts this season, This Is Why I Sing and The Joint is Jumpin'! Did you have any favorite pieces on those concerts?

RM: It’s hard to pick a favorite from a concert of other people's favorites, but my highlights from This Is Why I Sing were Frank Ticheli’s moving and relevant "Earth Song,” and Bob Chilcott’s imaginative interpretation of the whimsical poetry in "Swimming Over London." My favorites from The Joint Is Jumpin’ were our two selections by Duke Ellington: "Hit Me With a Hot Note” and “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore."

GR: There are so many incredible concerts to come this season! Any in particular that you're most excited for?

RM: Definitely Leipzig After Bach! I am an early music/Baroque fan and am eager to learn some new-to-me choral music from the era.

GR: Halloween was just a couple weeks ago! Do you have any fun Halloween traditions? Did you dress up this year?

RM: Since becoming a homeowner a few years ago, I love carving pumpkins to display and giving out candy on Halloween night! I didn’t dress up this year, but maybe next year!

GR: Rapid-fire round! Pie or cake? Coffee or tea? Morning, noon, or night?

RM: Pie, coffee, and night — not necessarily all at once!