ChoralNotes, September 2017

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  • We are #HoustonStrong. An update on the Chamber Choir after Harvey.
  • 2017-2018 Season Begins September 24!
  • Meet the Singers: Jack Byrom

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Meet the Singers: Jack Byrom

We are so excited that tenor Jack Byrom is our new Musician's representative on our Board of Directors! Read below to find out a little bit more about Jack and his thoughts about being a member of the Houston Chamber Choir.

CC: Hi Jack! Tell us about your music background and your job.

JB: My first real foray into choral music was through my high school choir director, Dr. Morris Stevens, now the director of choirs activities at St. Edwards University. He was a true mentor to me and I would not be singing today without him! I then studied voice and spent four years in the choirs at The University of Texas, but ultimately decided not to pursue a formal degree in music, instead opting to complete a business degree and go to law school. I'm now an attorney practicing here in Houston, but have continued to sing in various professional choirs around. I can tell you for sure that no experience has been better than my time with the Chamber Choir!

CC: What do you love the most about the Chamber Choir?

JB: Apart from the quality of singers, which goes without saying, it's the quality of people. This group is talented, dedicated, hard working, and uplifting. It's a true collaborative atmosphere, rather than a competitive one you often find in ensembles.

CC: You're now on the Houston Chamber Choir Board as the Musician's representative! What do you hope to accomplish as a new Board member?

JB: I hope I can continue what former representative Wayne Ashley has accomplished so well--representing the interests of the singers to the Board as best I can. The singers are often visionaries in their own right who have fantastic ideas for the group, both on the artistic and the business sides of things. I want to make sure those ideas are heard.

CC: You're setting out on a long road trip. What's on your playlist?

JB: Chances are I'm on a road trip during a time we are preparing for a concert. You can bet that if we've got the Bach B Minor Mass coming up, I will have the Confiteor blasting through the speakers. Other than that I have a pretty eclectic taste in music and will often just tune to what radio station I can catch in the car. I also am a big audiobook and podcast lover!

CC: Favorite things to do on the weekend?

JB: When I have the rare truly free weekend in Houston, I love to run along Buffalo Bayou, check out one of the local breweries, and in the fall, college football is king (Hook 'em!).

CC: Dream vacation?

JB: An equal tossup between exploring a new city that I've never been to before and a beach resort where drinks are brought to my chair (and my work phone is left at home).

CC: Coffee or tea?

JB: Definitely coffee, without which I look and act like one of those inflatable tube-men at car dealerships that's been turned off.

CC: Mountains or beach?

JB: As much as I love the mountains, I'm a beach kid at heart and always will be.

CC: Favorite food and/or restaurant in Houston?

JB: How to choose? Houston has far and away the best food of any city I've lived in. El Tiempo, Teotihuacan, Ninfa's on Navigation, Cyclone Anaya's...I guess my favorite food is Tex Mex!

CC: Concert you're the most excited for this season?

JB: Christmas at the Villa is usually my hands down favorite every year, and I'm thrilled we're going to be doing five performances for the city this year! As for concerts unique to this season, I'd have to say the Brahms and Barber ("Conservative Backlash") concert in November. We are doing some pieces that I have always wanted to do, so it's a must-sing for me.

[Interview conducted by Grace Svatek on August 24, 2017]