All That Jazz, Two Doctors and a 26-Member Choir Turn This Houston Night Into a Swinging Affair

What: The Houston Chamber Choir gala, “All That Jazz”

Where: JW Marriott Hotel

PC Moment: The beauty of this evening was that it was peppered throughout with performances by talented members of the choir. With the jazz theme, the music included solos as well as performances by the entire 26-member choir. Guests swayed between courses to tunes such as “I’ve Got Rhythm,” “Fly Me to the Moon,” “Blue Skies,” “Stormy Weather,” and, of course, “All That Jazz.”

St. John Flynn emceed the evening that was chaired by Drs. Ishwaria and Vivek Subbiah and honored long-time supporters Sally Anderson Clark and Michael Clark. Joining the program were artistic director Robert Simpson and the organization’s new managing director Mariam Khalili.

Who: Cece and Mack Fowler, Drs. Corey Tu and Andrew Davis, Wick and Rob Rowland, Linnet Diely, Fairfax and Risher Randall, Janice Barrow, Drs. Rachel and Warren Ellsworth IV, William McKenzie, Sonja Bruzaukas and Houston Hayman, Candace Axel, Judy and Tom Cronin, and Becky McElroy and Sid Orton.

Published in Paper City Magazine online on March 23, 2018. Written by Shelby Hodge.