We give tremendous thanks to our
Raise the Paddle Donors
who helped us raise $27,423
by raising their paddles!


Cece and Mack Fowler
Frank Hood
Dr. Marie-Luise Schubert Kalsi
Janice and Richard Kellogg
Nancy Younger Kruka and Veet Kruka
Catherine and Will Randall


Muffet Blake
Sonja Bruzauskas and Houston Haymon
Mandy and William McKenzie
Nancy and David Randall
Marianna and Robert Simpson


Kathy and Doug O'Brien


Tracy and Bob Bates
Nell Richardson and Sidney Buchanan
Richard Buffett
Corey Devine
Denise and Steve Godowns
Mariquita Masterson
Bilinda and Brian Matusek
Fairfax and Risher Randall
Doreen Stoller and Dan Piette
Carol and Andy Vickery
Sonia Sheely and Randy Wagner


Drs. Rachel and Warren Ellsworth
Anne and Robert Fowler
Nick Gruy
Anne Harrington
George Herman
Amanda and Jacob Malinoff
Ann and David R. Miller
Drs. Sally and David Miller
Jill and The Very Rev. Barkley Thompson


Alli Bittner
Hally and Gordon Carver
Antonia Day
Caroline Grunewald
Madeleine Hussey
Antoinette and James Latham
Lydia and Sam Law
Sergio Maiworm
Allison and Patrick Miller
Grace and James Roman
Emily Spalding
Sarah Springer
Steve Woodall