This year we are turning the spotlight on our talented Houston Chamber Choir singers by inviting you to make a contribution that will go directly to support them.

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Our musicians are paid for every minute of rehearsal and performance time. Their compensation is, in fact, our largest single expenditure.

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How to support

Now you can designate your annual gift to support the compensation of one singer or an entire section. Your donation will directly benefit the singers you have come to count on to delight you on stage. You can say thank you to each one of them with your generous gift!

You can sponsor a choir section or individual singer by clicking the button below or calling our office at 713.224.5566. 

sponsorship benefits

All Donations:

  • Our love and gratitude
  • Your name in our concert programs for the entire 2018 calendar year.
  • Invitation to a special section reception and rehearsal during the 2017-2018 Season.

Sponsor a Singer (Everything above, PLUS):

  • Personalized thank you letter from a member of the Houston Chamber Choir.

Underwrite an Entire Section (Everything above, PLUS):

  • Special listing on the choir roster.
  • Personal reception with your section after a concert.

Check Out Our Choir Sections!


The soprano section

Stacey Franklin

Years with the Houston Chamber Choir:  6

Fun Fact:  As well as bring an excellent singer, Stacey is also a sought-after professional harpist.

"The best thing about being a soprano is singing floaty, high notes with my fellow sopranos. Also, we sopranos are lovers of all things cute. We are always sharing updates and photos of our pets with each other or enjoying miscellaneous adorable animal videos during rehearsal breaks!"

Other Sopranos:  Eleanora Benedict, Kammi Estelle, Stephanie Handal, Rebecca Heath, Briana Kerner, and Kelli Lawless.

The alto section

jennifer crippen

Years with the Houston Chamber Choir:  2

Fun Fact:  Jennifer has sung professionally all over the world, in places like China, Bolivia, and Brazil!

"The coolest things about being an alto is that we're all classically trained so every one of us can sing high, but we secretly all want to sing tenor."

Other Altos:  Clipper Hamrick, Jazmine Olwalia, Marianna Parnas-Simpson, Abby Powell, Kathleen Ruhleder, and Ryan Stickney.

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the tenor section

L. wayne Ashley

Years with the Houston Chamber Choir:  9

Fun Fact:  Wayne is the author of a political online blog, and is a regular guest on Houston Public Media's program Houston Matters.

"The tenors would like to divulge some fun information about our section, but we would have to submit said information to attorney Jack Byrom first. So we'll just disclose that we are a VERY fun section, but cannot be specific about any particular types of fun."

Other Tenors:  Derrick Bready, Jack Byrom, Jeffrey Ragsdale, Alphonso Seals, and Jason Watt.

The bass section

randolph wagner

Years with the Houston Chamber Choir:  16

Fun Fact:  Randy is one of our few members who does not have a degree in music! He is a drilling engineer in the oil industry.

"The basses are, by far, the snarkiest section in the Houston Chamber Choir. While striving to avoid the "Bob-isms" that are launched in our direction, such as 'Stop sounding like weed whackers!' - we never miss an opportunity to provide sarcastic feedback to our section-mates."

Other Basses:  Nathan Abbott, Casey Carruth, Randy Murrow, Patrick Schneider, and Joshua Wilson.

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Sponsor a singer or a section today and help keep the beauty of choral music alive!