12th World Symposium on Choral Music

The Houston Chamber Choir is thrilled to announce we have been selected as one of 24 choirs to perform during the 12th World Symposium on Choral Music in Auckland, New Zealand, in July of 2020.

We received 179 choir entries from 44 countries, substantially more than any previous Symposium. This means that your selection is a notable achievement. The Artistic Committee was certainly impressed with the high calibre of applying choirs and looks forward to devising an exciting programme.
— John Rosser Artistic Director 12th World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM2020) Auckland, New Zealand

The New Zealand Choral Federation invites you to the World Symposium on Choral Music 2020

July 11-18 2020

Copied from the WSCM2020 Website:
Once every three years the world’s premier festival of choirs is held in a major city around the world. The World Symposium on Choral Music is the peak global event of the International Federation for Choral Music – its own “Olympics” and world congress rolled into one. Drawing together the leading choirs, conductors, composers and administrators from all over the planet for a superlative experience of concerts, seminars and workshops, the Symposium has also come to be a public showcase for the best the choral world has to offer.

And for just the third time ever, the WSCM will be held in the Southern Hemisphere, in one of the most-loved tourism destinations in the world – New Zealand.

At WSCM2020 you can hear around 24 of the world’s finest choirs and over 30 distinguished choral practitioners in an eight-day ‘feast’ of concerts, seminars, masterclasses, workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions. Surrounded by all that musical splendour and choral wisdom, you realise you don’t work in isolation but are part of an exciting global movement. You learn what’s ‘trending’ and return home full of inspiration and new ideas.

And if that’s not enough reason to come to WSCM2020, there’s the stunning host country to consider. New Zealand has a world-wide reputation for its clean, green and beautiful landscapes of mountains, countryside, lakes and beaches and its safe and friendly cities, delicious food, wine, coffee and craft beer. So there’s no better time to come.

The theme for wscm2020 explained

Copied from the WSCM2020 Website:
The expression tangata whenua (literally “people of the land”) is the name the indigenous Maori of New Zealand use of themselves and a concept that sits at the heart of NZ culture. The tangata whenua are guardians of our natural resources, environment and sustainability – values and priorities shared by all New Zealanders, regardless of race.

In WSCM2020 we want to explore through choral music the relationship humans have with the land that supports them: the sense of identity they derive from it and the tensions that arise out of it. We believe this is a theme that touches all of us in some way, calling to mind such notions as family, nurture, identity, place, community, culture, celebration, nationalism, colonialism, dispossession, alienation, partnership, freedom, development, interconnectedness, environmentalism, urban living, the natural world, the seasons, stress and healing, beauty, nostalgia, utopia… to name but a few!

It is a theme that we hope will be interpreted freely and with flair by participating choirs, encouraging them to draw from a broad range of repertoire and styles in their programming.


Travel Updates Coming Soon…

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Sponsorship Opportunities…

This exciting trip will provide priceless experiences and perspectives for each member of the Houston Chamber Choir and staff as we gather with the world’s leading practitioners in choral music. Our expanded education and further development of our craft will impact our community for years to come, and your gift will help make this possible! Full sponsorship opportunities will be announced in the spring of 2019. Contact Mariam Khalili, Managing Director, to add your name to the contact list for opportunities.

More information will be added soon so please check back often!